Saturday, May 20, 2006


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Blogger Andrew Michael Jacobs said...

the other one has a better sepia tone. (in my proud opinion) plus, i would rather see more of the extension of the tracks. you call it boxcar and then almost all i see is the boxcar. i think it would be a cool effect to have the title be luring you back to the fact that the boxcar is the subject while the picture pulls you away to look down the track. life is a lot like that you know. we are always getting distracted from the subject at hand. i think this would require a wider angle on the boxcar (step away from it) and pointing down the track a little more. i realize there may be some limitation in this because you don't want to see a car dealership or something in the background.

Blogger Bennett Carnahan said...

frat houses across the way...
actually, I like your idea ando. a wide-angle lens, with the same focus would have been a neat shot.
I liked this one because of the way the nice perfect corrugation gets all dented and imperfect as it comes toward the focal-point.

the true tone of the print (both prints, actually: they're from the same roll) is a very regretable green: the result of cheap proofs done in an hour locally. I photo-shopped the color of the scans. if i were to print them somewhere else (or get the equipment to do it myself), I would certainly go for more of a warm sepia-ish tone. as it is, I just felt blue the day I posted this. thanks for the input.



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